Sunday, September 16, 2012

August Glossybox

Last week my August Glossybox came in!

1. Sebastian Potion 9 Lite - $20.95/150 ml
I'm actually not quite sure how you use this stuff.  I searched it and found a lot of mixed reviews with people using it different ways. I guess I'll just have to try it and see what happens.

2. Biore Make-up Removing Towelettes - $14.99/60
I've recently become a huge fan of make-up removing towelettes!  I bought a container of Balea towelettes from Shoppers not too long ago, but I think I like these Biore ones a bit more.

3. Kryolan For Glossybox - Special Edition: For Glossybox Members only (Full Size)
I got this in the colour "Glossy Pink." not sure if everybody got the same colour or not. I actually loved this and I wore it out last night.  I got home late and was way too tired to wash my make-up off, and it was still on when I woke up this morning and washed it off!  That's probably the longest time I've had my lipstick stay on.

4. Kryolan Classic Lipstick - $16.99/4 g (Full Size)
I got this one in a red colour.  The number for this colour is "LC101."  I don't often wear red lipstick, so I don't know when I'll ever try this out.

5. Befine Fine Food Skin Care - $24-$30/50-150 ml
I haven't tried any of these yet, but the company also sent a coupon for 20% off Introductory Order.  I'm definitely going to try it out and check out the website.  I'm always looking for new skin care products!

6. Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card - Range from $5-$250
This is how it is described:  "A trusted social marketplace to buy, sell and donate your amazing new and pre-loved fashion in a fun, simple, and social way!  On Trend Trunk you can also share your style, lust items, ask your friends for advice, and follow fellow trendsetters and tastemakers.  We hope you'll love Trend Trunk as much as we do - so have fun and explore!"
My gift card had a value of $5. I haven't spent much time on the website yet, but the idea of it seems alright.

7. Elastoplast SOS Blister - $5.99/5 units

Thanks for reading!

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