Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy week & new couch!

This week has been so busy for me!  I haven't stopped since Friday.  I took the evening on Friday to clean my house from top to bottom, and then I cooked a turkey for about 8 people on Saturday for Thanksgiving. It was super hectic because that day I got a new couch that showed up around 5 pm!  So then my wonderful, clean house was destroyed trying to unwrap and set up the couch quickly before anybody showed up (which didn't work, they came in the middle of it.)  Then from Sunday on, I was bombarded with school work and studying for a bunch of tests I had this week.  I just completed my third one, my last one is on Friday.  I cannot wait to relax this weekend!

Anyway, just wanted to take a minute to blog about my awesome new couch that I love so much!

It takes up almost my whole living room, but I don't care because my house finally feels like a home!  I had an old, ugly futon before this and I just felt like I was living in a dorm room for the longest time.  It's too high for my end table, so I stacked my lamp on top of a few big books so I can get some extra light, haha.  I just need a new entertainment centre for my TV & other things & my living room will be set!  I may paint the green tables though.  They don't go with anything any more!

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