Saturday, November 26, 2011

sequin mushroom ornament

We had a snowstorm the other day, and it got me in the mood for Christmas! I've been gutting out my house trying to get ready and make room for our tree and stuff. I made a bunch of these little decorations. I got the idea from this website. They tell you how to make them pretty well, I'm not gonna go into detail or anything because I'm not very good at that and they already have a tutorial. But here are mine! & I also added some pics of the things I used. I didn't use exactly what the tutorial said, mainly because I couldn't find them.

These are the styrofoam balls after I cut and painted them. 

I bought a value pack of sequins for a couple of dollars. I would have liked to get just the colours I needed, but I couldn't. So I had to spend some time picking them out of all these colours.

I got this spanish moss at Walmart for a couple of dollars. I don't love it, but it works. 

So cute! :)

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