Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Luxe Box!!

My September Luxe Box came super late this month. Something to do with Canada Post being delayed or something. Not really sure. But it's finally here! Yay :)

They changed the inner packaging for this month! I like it. The card inside says "There's a change coming in October, can you guess what it'll be?" so that's sort of exciting! I think my subscription ran out though, so I'm going to need to order another one.

Meradesso, Face & Neck Toning Gel.
Full Size Retail Price: $120 (50 mL)

I haven't tried this yet so I don't really know what to say about it.

 Pure & Simple, Collagen Elastic Plus.
Full Size Retail Price: $80 (50 mL) 

I haven't put it on my face yet, but I tried it on my arm and it felt pretty nice!

Pur Minerals, Mineral Glow.
Full Size Retail Price: $24 (12 g)

Last months luxe box came with a pur minerals pressed mineral makeup, and I love that so I'm sure I'm gonna love this stuff!

Keratase, Masque and Fluide Chroma Riche
Retail Price for Masque: $55 (100 mL), Fluide $41 (125 mL)

Overall I did like this months luxe box, but I don't think I'd repurchase any of the products. Maybe the pur minerals stuff, but I don't know. It's all kind of expensive for stuff I don't really need at the moment! Ha ha.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chapters Haul, I guess!

Just a couple of things I ordered from Chapters website :) I thought I'd share since I have nothing else to blog about!

 I actually had no idea the new Dexter book was out in paperback yet, so I was pretty excited to find it when I was looking online. I'd rather them in paperback because it's much easier for me to read it and take it around.

I'm really excited to read this. It's about a woman who wakes up every morning and doesn't remember anything, her husband has to tell her that 2 decades ago she was in a terrible accident that took away her ability to form new memories. She starts to question her life and keeps a journal and she starts to discover some "unbelievable truth." It sounds really interesting!

I got this one because one of my favorite movies is Session 9. It was filmed in this abandoned mental institution, Danvers State Hospital. This book is about six teenagers who break in and spend the night and film a movie about their experiences. I think I remember reading that it was similar to the movie, and the movie is also mentioned in the book. I can't say anything about the book yet, because I haven't read it yet, but if anybody is reading this they should definitely check out the movie Session 9!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Windy Day!

Today it was so windy outside. I had a meeting for school at 11 am and after that me and Jon went to the beach because the waves were crazy. I got a few pictures, please excuse my fingers in some of them, I was trying to hold my ipod so the wind wouldn't take it away from me.

These were taken from the lookout area over Outer Cove Beach:

This one is my favorite :)

These are from Middle Cove Beach:

I've never been around the ocean on a really windy day so I was pretty amazed!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Christmas decorations made from pepsi cans!

Really wanted to share these Christmas ornaments! I bought them from this shop on Etsy. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love pepsi, and I just had to have these!! They are so cute!