Saturday, September 8, 2012

New books!

I ordered things off the Chapters website not too long ago, and they came in last week.  It's mostly gifts, but I did get myself one book.  I'm not very pleased with the way Chapters packages their products, because this is the second time I've gotten damaged things from them.  Unfortunately I don't have time to return them, so hopefully the people I give them to aren't too unhappy with it.

Those books, and the gloworm, is what I got my Godson for his first birthday!  I didn't know what to get him, I don't have a child and I have no clue about 1 year olds.  So I was told that books are a good choice.  I loved my gloworm when I was a kid, so I thought that would be nice too!

I got this Marilyn book for my friend for her birthday.  This is the one that was damaged, as you can probably see from the picture on the right.  I'm not too happy, but there's not much I can do about it.  Maybe she can return it as a gift?

And finally, this is the book I got for myself!  Dale Jarvis runs the Haunted Hike here in Newfoundland.  I'm really into to creepy stuff like this, so I can't wait to read this!  He has other books that I'll eventually buy too, but I'm starting with this one.

I have a serious problem with buying books.  I have a long list of books I want to own, and an even longer list of books to read.  There's not enough time in the day!  Thanks for reading. :)

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