Monday, June 13, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 1

A picture of you with 10 facts about yourself.

I couldn't find a decent recent picture of myself, so here is my and my Opie Kitty.

And the facts!

1. I was born on a Wednesday.
2. I have a kitty with 6 toes on each paw. That's 4 extra toes!
3. My other kitty has 2 different coloured eyes.
4. I love pictures.
5. I also love unicorns.
6. I love cards! But I hardly ever receive any.
7. I'm super interested in death. Mostly famous deaths and serial killers. Especially Charles Manson.
8. I don't really have a favorite colour, they're all pretty.
9. I'm not too good at coming up with facts about myself!
10. I wish I could have my house decorated for Christmas all year round!

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