Monday, November 28, 2011

Downtown Christmas Parade

Our annual Christmas Parade was on Sunday, November 27th. I'm not going to say much about it because it was the worst one I've been to in the 23 years I've been attending. It was slower than ever, and I was outside for 2 hours before it even started. At one point there was a truck that was part of the parade stopped in front of me for 10 minutes. It wasn't even a good part of the parade, it was just a search and rescue van. I didn't even stay for the full thing because I was too cold and annoyed for being there for so long. I'm gonna upload some pictures of the things I did like, and a video of my favourite float!

This is from the movie "Up!" It's one of my favourite movies! The old man is so cute. And the dog reminded me of my Mom's dog.

We were standing by a building, and all of a sudden a bunch of firemen came out from behind it! It was so weird. They said there was an alarm going off inside of the building so they were checking to see if anybody had broken in.

The Shriners is always my favourite part of the parade. I was upset I couldn't stay to see the whole thing, but I seen these guys so it was okay.

I have no idea what these guys were all about, but there were a bunch of Grinches & Things!

Again, no idea what was on the go here. I just know that the car was dressed up as a baby carriage.

This was awesome! I still don't know who owned the float though. I'm gonna have to look it up!

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