Saturday, March 31, 2012

My first Glossybox!

I finally got my first glossybox today! I was super excited. And it was amazing! I got some really good products. My picture quality isn't really the best, but that's all I can do right now. The lighting in my house is awful for taking pictures.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
I was so excited about this. I am insane about my hand lotion. I have lotion on my dresser, on my desk, on my night table, in my purse, in my book bag for school.... I can't be without it. And this particular lotion is my absolute favourite! I usually get the little travel sized ones, but this one is 354 ml. It retails for $11.99.

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
I haven't tried this one yet, but I have been wanting to for a while! I'm sure it will come in handy if we ever get any warm weather in Newfoundland. This retails for $7.00.

Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray
I don't use hairspray too often, but I do always have a travel size one in my bag. It's weird, I know. But you never know when you may need it, right?! Ha ha. Retails for $19.95.

Pandora's Blush St. Tropez
This is the cutest package I have ever seen a blush come in! I absolutely love it. And it's a lovely colour. But even if it wasn't, I would probably buy it for the cute packaging! Ha ha. Retails for $18.00.

Bailey Cosmetics Lip Gloss
I tried this earlier, and it's so pretty! And it makes my lips feel nice too. Just like hand lotion, I'm addicted to lip glosses. I hate ones that are sticky and gross. This one doesn't seem like that at all! Love! Retails for $28.00.

Algemarin Foam Bath
Retails for $3.99-$23.95 depending on size. I don't have a bath tub :(. I only have a stand up shower in my small apartment. I'll probably give this to my mother. Or maybe I'll take over my mother's bathroom one day and get a bath and try it out there! I miss baths.

And that's all for the Glossy Box!

I was going to make a post about the Hunger Games, but I figured there are probably ten million out there! Ha ha. I may post some time later in the weekend about how disappointed I was in the movie, but I'm not sure. I have mixed feelings. Part of me liked it and part of me was disappointed. I think I need to watch it again with less expectations and see how I feel. I'll stop talking about it now, ha ha.

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