Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decorations! (Lots of Pictures)

Lights off

 Lights on

Just some stuff I have on the ledge in my living room.

I made these last year with some extra decorations that wouldn't fit on my tree.

Love my new nutcracker! My Mom bought me this last month after I told her I wanted one really bad, lol.

My living room. Please ignore my ugly futon, I desperately need a new couch!

With the lights off.

From my couch.

Just some Christmas teddys in the corner!

Top of my bookshelf.


My kitty hiding under the tree :) It's both of my cats favourite place!

Table area. We live in a kind of small apartment, so there's not much room for a tree and stuff.


With the lights off!

Shelf on the wall next to my table.

The thing next to the shelf is something I made to hold Christmas Cards. I got the idea from another blog, but I seem to have lost the link.

Hope you enjoyed!

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