Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope everybody's having a good Christmas! I'm not, lol. But that's okay. 

Santa or Rudolph - Rudolph! He's cute. :)
Stocking or presents - Presents, I suppose.
Egg nog or hot cider - I've actually never had either. Crazy, I know!
Angel or star- Angel.
Decorating the tree or putting lights outside - The tree! I never got to decorate it when I was a kid, so now that I own my own place I love it!
Warm cozy fires or sleigh rides - Fires! I'd loove to have a fireplace.
Family time or friend time - Both, especially if I don't get to see them too much.
Expensive presents or from the heart - Presents from the heart, always. ♥
Snowball fight or snowmen - I've never made a snowman either! People always think I'm crazy for that!
Coal or presents - Presents obviously! Who wants coal?
Caroling or Christmas stories - Stories.
Snowy days or ice days - Ummm... summer? Haha.. just kidding. I'd rather summer, but I love snow during Christmas. So snowy.
Red or green - Red.

Merry Christmas!

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