Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Favourite ornaments

I just found these pictures on my camera from when I first took pictures of my house decorated, but I forgot to blog about them! They're just some of my favourite ornaments, I tried to keep them on the front of the tree so they're seen the most!

This one is new, I just bought it from Avon right before Christmas. It's so cute, I love kitties.

This one is also from Avon, it comes in a set of 3 in different colours (white cup/pink frosting & brown cup/red frosting) I think they are the cutest!

This is a Tim Horton's coffee mug I bought last year from Tim's. Love it! I also bought a Timbit Snowman from there this year, but I never got around to taking a picture of it.

I made a blog post about these before. Ornaments made from pepsi cans! Such a cool idea.

This is an ornament that my parents had since I was just a little kid. I took them for myself when I moved out! Ha ha, a lot of them are broken and stuff now but this one has survived throughout the years and I love it because it reminds me of being a kid again.

This is a little mini snow globe thing. It's from some sort of collection, I can't remember what the brand is but I got a few as gifts from it throughout the years.

This one is the same brand as the one above. So cute! Penguin ornaments are always adorable.

An angel. I love how the wings are made of feathers.

I love the Simpsons! I had a roommate a couple of years ago who moved out and left a few things behind, and this was one of them! I loved it so I kept it. (I would have given it back but I never spoke to him after, and I assume he left it there because he didn't want it anyway.)

Another angel that I think is so pretty.

And these are just some ornaments that are messed up or broken but I love them too much to part with! I just took the bottom of a luxe box and hot glued some spanish moss (from this blog post) and set the ornaments in there!

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