Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Gifts!

Here are some gifts I got over Christmas. Actually, some things weren't gifts but things I got for myself over Christmas!

This is probably one of my favourite things. My Nan saw all my decorations on the ledge in my living room so she bought me this to go with them! It's so pretty.

This candle is AMAZING. I have it lit right now. It makes my entire house smell like green apples. The name of it is "Autumn Apples" but it definitely smells like green apples. The brand of it is "Slatkin & Co" I have no idea where to buy it, I think I may have to google it.

A barbie from my Mama! I collect Barbies, and I get one every year for Christmas.

This is a silly one. My Dad bought this thinking it was a table cloth until he opened it! So he gave it to me, ha ha.

Slippers! So cute. My youngest cat was really afraid of these as first! She's used to them now though.

This ornament is from my aunt. She gives me an ornament every year, this one may be my favourite. It's so beautiful!

Candles from another aunt.

Throw blanket

Nintendo 3DS from my boyfriend! I told him not to spend a lot of money on me but he decided to ignore that.

Disney Princess Case for the 3DS and a Princess Peach stylus. Bought this at EB Games.

Games for the 3DS. Harvest Moon, The Tale of Two Towns & MarioKart 7.

Body Lotion from a friend! I LOVE this. I am obsessed with putting lotion on my hands. This smells sooo good.

Boy Meets World Season 1 & 2 from that same friend. One of my favourite shows ever!!

Christmas mugs!

Hello Kitty USB Drive. I needed this for school and found this one at Staples!

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