Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things I got from Karmaloop :)

Karmaloop is one of my favourite websites to shop from! My boyfriend introduced me to it a while ago, and I just received my second order from them and this is what I got..

The Betseyville Glitterati Tote in Pink. This is a pretty big bag, I got it to use for school because it fits all my books and everything and I don't need to take my purse! It has a matching iPad case you can buy separately, and I plan to get it when I get an iPad.

The Anette VI Shoe in Black. These are gorgeous!!! I have a lot of shoes, and these ones are definitely my new favourite!! I wore them to school yesterday, and was on my feet mostly all day and they were so comfortable to wear!

This was just a last minute thing I decided to add on to my order because it's cute. And it was on sale for half price, or around there I think. Hello Kitty Apples Key Cap!

That's all! If anybody comes across this and orders, use my Karmaloop Rep code! 20% off your first order, and 10% off for orders after that if you use the rep code shizzle

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